Online Art Studio

Click the link to book for the June Online Art Studio via Eventbrite.

The Online Art Studio has been running since the November National Lockdown in 2020 it is open to all adults. The sessions create a virtual art studio where people can share ideas and learning. It runs in one month blocks. Each fortnight is based on a theme, which is collectively chosen by the participants, who then devise their own project using the materials they already have. We have move between topics around landscape, portrait and still life . All levels of skill and experience are welcome, people are working at their own pace with materials they have already.

I am on hand to offer feedback and input on the work being made. The class is for an hour and a half on Zoom with a 10 minute break. We start with a drawing exercise to warm up. Over the session there are opportunities to come together as a group and share what we have done. Members can send images of their artworks to me and I put them on our Pinterest board, the link is below. People book by Eventbrite for a month block of once weekly sessions from 7.30pm till 9pm on a Monday evening. We have people joining from Bristol, other area’s of the UK, Europe and America. Some people have been coming from the start and others come on the months they are free. In the spirit of widening access to arts education there is a tiered pricing scheme.

Below is a message from a regular member of the studio and what she gets from coming.

Having said I’d finish my collage I had to sit down and do it, which is the kick up the bum I need to create the time to make. Thats probably the biggest thing that Art Club has given me – the time and the space and the accountability to make a piece of work. So thank you for that. It feels good to spend time working my brain like this.

Here is a short video about what the members of the March 2021 block of the Online Art Studio had to say about being involved.

Below are some examples of artworks made in the sessions. More can be found on our Pinterest page

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