St Mungo’s Recovery College Online Art Class

I volunteered with the St Mungo’s Recovery College Art Online Class from May 2020 till April 2023. The class continues and is open to all St Mungo’s clients it runs on a drop-in basis where people come as and when they can. It is a friendly diverse group who support each other in their creativity.

In the first 2020 lockdown I contacted St Mungo’s about running an online art class. They were transferring the whole college online. This was a completely different format for them and we developed the project together. It created a thriving community of artists all at different stages of their lives. It still is a supportive and stabilising resource for people where they are encouraged to explore their creativity.

The charity valued and appreciated my work, in June 2022 I received the Marsh Trust Volunteer Award in recognition of the work I had done for St Mungo’s. I am proud to have been an instrumental part of that project and grateful for working with such great people and all that it taught me.

To see what we got up to over that time check out the Pinterest page below.

Here is a video made in June by St Mungo’s about the art class.

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