What People Say About Sessions

St Mungo’s Recovery College

“Amy’s art classes have been very helpful to me. They have provided me a safe space to not only expand my creative world but have time for me. I have learnt many art forms I was not aware of before and even had the opportunity to try some out. 

I have always known that art is helpful to my wellbeing, I have just been unable to create the time, space and direction to create. Amy’s sessions provide not only the time but the safety to share my work and gain feedback. After each session I feel inspired to create more Art due to seeing others work and Amy’s guidance. I am definitely creating more artwork now, as her sessions have re-sparked my passion and has enabled me to feel more confident about what I can create.” 

St Mungo’s Client from the Recovery College Art Class

“Amy Powell has been running online Art Workshops at St Mungo’s online Recovery College since April 2020. As an organisation we made the difficult transition from face to face sessions to an online offer and Amy was instrumental in designing and then delivering a meaningful activity for our clients.

Clients were consulted and continue to be involved in the development of the Art Group which has given them a sense of ownership of the sessions. Amy offers encouragement and constructive feedback on their artwork and the quality of the art continues to flourish.

I have no hesitation in recommending Amy as an art tutor, she is  especially good at working with Vulnerable adults and has a good understanding of the challenges they face and strategies to help them overcome these challenges using creativity as a cascade for change.”

Matt Catlow
Music & Creative Arts Coordinato
r St Mungo’s Recovery College

Age UK Bristol

“At Age UK Bristol, we love working with Bristol Art for All.  Amy has introduced Art on Zoom sessions for our audience of local people aged 50 plus, and we have had an enthusiastic take up. The sessions are valuable because they connect people who may otherwise be alone and they are very enjoyable with no pressure to produce high art; it’s all for the pleasure of being creative.”

Jo Stokes
Community Services Manager Age UK Bristol

Adult Online Art Club

“Here are some images of what I’ve been doing. Having said I’d finish my collage I had to sit down and do it, which is the kick up the bum I need to create the time to make. Thats probably the biggest thing that Art Club has given me – the time and the space and the accountability to make a piece of work. So thank you for that. It feels good to spend time working my brain like this.”

Member of the Adult Online Art Club

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